Jakia Lindley

About Jakia

From an early age, Jakia Lindley dreamed of being a judge, an attorney, or somehow being a part of something bigger than herself. She joined the military in 2010 and is currently a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. Lindley studied criminal justice and psychology at the American Military University before switching her focus to business management.

Aside from writing, her passions in life are uplifting others, teaching as a Certified Master Resiliency Trainer and as a Certified Department of Defense Sexual Assault Victim Advocate, fine food and wine, art, music, and last, but certainly not least, binge-watching her favorite shows. Jakia Lindley was born in Memphis, Tennessee, raised in Canton, Ohio, and now resides with her husband and daughter in Hawaii, where she is currently learning to surf.

Jakia's Mission

My name is Jakia Monee Lindley. For years I kept my secrets quiet. But the time has come for me to speak. No, I cannot speak for every member of the service, nor will I try to. But I will tell you about the unresolved trauma I brought into my own military service. I will detail the harassment I faced as a woman in the Air Force, and the abuse I suffered when I obeyed the order of “if you see something, say something.” I will share about the domestic violence I experienced at the hands of my ex-husband, a fellow airman. I will be open about the system that sucked the will to live from me.

In sharing my story, War at Home, I relived several painful personal experiences in the hopes of breaking the silence, destroying the stigma, and ending the cycle that is too common for those in toxic, abusive relationships. I believe that by working together, we can forge a stronger, more positive culture, one that makes the world safer for us as well as future generations.

Jakia Lindley
War At Home

Why Book Jakia?

A fierce keynote and guest speaker, Jakia will captivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds through inspiring storytelling that will leave no room for more domestic violence and sexual and emotional abuse. She will easily turn the audience into an army of advocates. If you are interested in learning more about how the Jakia would be an ideal fit and inspiration for your audience, please reach out to us today.

As a certified Master Resiliency Instructor, Jakia also offers customized life-changing Resiliency Coaching sessions.



After your sexual assault trial, in 2012, I noticed people stopped being friendly with you. I was led to believe you did that because you wanted to get people in trouble. They called you “Drama Queen”, “Ratchet”, and a slew of other names. I still wanted to be friends with you, despite what they told me. I wanted to have a different point of view; I just knew it in my heart that I believed you.

I had a chance to know you after I got out of the military, and now see you as an extraordinarily strong and upstanding woman. There is an air of positivity about you, and that is why I decided to open that can of worms. I cannot live my life knowing that I had that interpretation of you. I swore I’d never think about this again, but I have to. I have closed every bad chapter in my life and thank God for still being alive. I’m thankful I experienced that because it drove me to what I am today.

– George M.