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Jakia Lindley

Author, military veteran, and survivor.

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War at Home: Break the Silence, Destroy the Stigma, End the Cycle

Jakia Lindley

Jakia Lindley

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Jakia Lindley was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and raised in Canton, Ohio—birthplace of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. She studied criminal justice and psychology at the American Military University before switching her focus to business management. She began writing her debut memoir shortly after witnessing fellow brothers- and sisters-in-arms repeatedly report as missing.

War At Home

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Trauma from abuse can crush your spirt unless you confront your enemies. After years of stuffing my emotions, putting on a happy face, and enduring hardship like a good Airman and devoted wife, I realized I needed to stand toe-to-toe against my foes. I needed to fight back
War At Home



I would just like to say that I am a survivor of domestic violence and harassment that exacerbated my PTSD. My unit sought to discredit and dismiss my trauma. I sought mental health and...

Anonymous (United States Air Force)

I joined, the United States Air Force, three years ago with the intention of staying in for a full 20 or more years. Graduating from Basic Training, I was so excited to begin my journey...

Mark P.

I met Jakia at her first duty station. When we were first introduced, her and “SJ” were in a relationship (but not married). Eventually, I got to know “SJ” after they got married. Kia and...

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Nicole M.

This is not an average story or one you come across often. You may see other men's and women's experiences in the news, but tend to think they're just isolated events. After reading War At...

James L. (SAPR Victim Advocate, United States Navy)

In this beautifully written and detailed book, Mrs. Lindley shines a spotlight on the dark corners of the Air Force. She exposes an overwhelming amount of military injustice and a lack of...

Anne V. (DoD Employee)

Mrs. Lindley is brutally and fearlessly honest in her new book, War at Home. While you can feel her pain and will most definitely cry with her—but you also cheer her on, as you sense her...

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