Book Reviews

Anne V. (DoD Employee)

Mrs. Lindley is brutally and fearlessly honest in her new book, War at Home. While you can feel her pain and will most definitely cry with her—but you also cheer her on, as you sense her desire to rise above the ugliness of her circumstances. Parts of the chapter in which she describes her first experiences in the Air Force are laugh-out-loud funny, but you can also see her becoming the serious and determined person she wants to be in her career.

The most important aspect of this book, however, is Jakia’s ability to illustrate through her experiences that although you may be bruised, you aren’t necessarily broken. Every day people can find some parallel to her story. I recommend this book. The clarity and proficiency in which Jakia’s story is written will surely make it a great read for any book club.

Dr. Kang, Hyungbum, LCSW

War at Home is not a story of common battles, but instead a spiritual heroine’s journey and tale to help people win their own battles in life. This book is something that you’ll want to give to your precious ones as a gift. It’s a story about how to maintain your values, despite the harsh challenges we experience every day.