After your sexual assault trial, in 2012, I noticed people stopped being friendly with you. I was led to believe you did that because you wanted to get people in trouble. They called you “Drama Queen”, “Ratchet”, and a slew of other names. I still wanted to be friends with you, despite what they told me. I wanted to have a different point of view; I just knew it in my heart that I believed you.

I had a chance to know you after I got out of the military, and now see you as an extraordinarily strong and upstanding woman. There is an air of positivity about you, and that is why I decided to open that can of worms. I cannot live my life knowing that I had that interpretation of you. I swore I’d never think about this again, but I have to. I have closed every bad chapter in my life and thank God for still being alive. I’m thankful I experienced that because it drove me to what I am today.

– George M.